Payment / Dispatch

We have decided (because of fairness reasons) not to charge any payment fees to customers who pay by bank transfer in advance or cash. Because of that we charge you with the fees of the payment providers if you choose them. Consumers in the sense of §13 BGB are excluded. We hope for your understanding.

1. Advance payment (by bank transfer)


Use the "advance payment" method as a free and convenient payment method for your order. You can see our bank details below or on the order confirmation, which you will receive via email after you have ordered. Consequently, there are no fees and extra costs for debt collection. Your order is dispatched as soon as payment has cleared. Our bank details for your transfer:

Account Holder: Freunde der Erfrischung GmbH
Bank: Bremische Volksbank
IBAN-No.: DE38291900240050005400


Please include your name (if different from the person ordering) and the number of the order confirmation in the “purpose of payment” field. Please ensure that we will not be liable for additional costs for your international transfer.

2. Payment on receipt

(plus 8.00 EUR or 20.00 EUR; available for B2B customers in Germany only)

Payment is made in cash directly to the driver of the shipping company or parcel service. The additional fee for payment on receipt is a € 8 or € 20 net flat fee. Your order is dispatched as soon as the order has been received.

3. Cash payment

(only with collection in person)

The "cash payment" method is suitable if you happen to live near by (Bremen, directly on the A 27 motorway) and want to save on delivery costs. Arrange a time with us by telephone before you come to make the collection. This is the only way we can commission the goods and put them out ready for the collection. 

4. SOFORT-Überweisung

(plus 2% administrative expenses)

You transfer the money during the order process with your usual bank account. You get a payment confirmation immediately and we can send the goods immediately to your delivery address (if it is in Germany). You can find more information here: Anbieterhomepage. The expenses are not applicable for consumers in the sense of §13 BGB.

5. PayPal

(plus 2% administrative expenses)

Use PayPal as a secure online payment option. Your payment is secured by PayPal and we can ship the goods immediately to you (if you live in Germany). The expenses are not applicable for consumers in the sense of §13 BGB.

6. Payment by credit card

(plus 2% administrative expenses)

You can pay easy and securely with your credit card. We accept credit cards from MasterCard and Visa. Your credit card will not be charged until the order is shipped. Your credit card information is encrypted by SSL. Due to this high safety standard, your purchase is safe with us.
The expenses are not applicable for consumers in the sense of §13 BGB.

7. Invoice

(only for regular B2B-customers)

You will receive an invoice together with the goods. The outstanding amount will then be paid by bank transfer (only for verified B2B customers; does not apply to the purchase of machines, unless otherwise agreed). Customers with a place of business outside Germany pay in advance until otherwise agreed.

8. Debit advice

(only for regular B2B-customers with an account in Germany)

With a debit advice formular you will get 2% discount on goods and accessories (not possible with special deals like rent, free on loan or with the purchase of machines or flight cases). We book the open amounts 3 days after delivery directly from your bank account.

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