Discount options
We provide turnover-dependent discounts. These special discounts exclude machines, flight cases and trolleys, as well as full cartons of cups, straws and Yard Cups, in which a 20% "box-discount" is already included.

Discount options

Value of goods (net) Value of goods (gross)   Discount
0 to 499 €   0 to 593,81 €   no Discount
500 to 999 €   593,82 to 1.188,81 €   5% Discount
1.000 to 1.999 €   1.188,82 €  to 2.378,81 €    10% Discount
from 2.000 €   from 2.378,82 €   15% Discount

You could receive an additional 2% "direct debit-discount" on ingredients, merchandise & accessories. This does not apply to first-time customers, special arrangements (rental and free on loan) and the purchase of machines and of course not outside Germany.

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