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What is slush ice and where does it come from?

The term “slush” relates to the half-frozen consistency. The pioneers of slush ice were probably the ancient Romans, for even the Roman emperor enjoyed ice-cold drinks. Fast runners would bring the snow from the Apennine Mountains to the palace, where it would be refined by adding honey and delicious flavoured syrups. Today it is much easier, as the Italians have made the production of “granita” really easy with high-performance slush ice machines. And although the slush ice trend was commercialised in the USA, the best granita machines still come from Italy. Slush, frozen drinks or granita all stand for the same type of half-frozen ice drinks. Despite their sub-zero temperatures they only have a half-frozen consistency due to the proportion of sugar and the constant movement in the machine, so that the slush ice can be drunk with a straw spoon or be eaten as a sorbet with a spoon.

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What does a SLUSHYBOY® slush ice machine cost?

"You have the choice: purchase, hire purchase, hire, leasing or long-term rental agreement => everything is possible. Take advice from us – we are sure to find the best solution for you!"

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Are quality and flavour really important?

For our customers and customers’ customers SLUSHYBOY® frozen drinks stand for the very best quality and natural fruity taste. As we don’t just have the quick euro in our sights and think about the long term, we only use the very best ingredients in the production of our liquid concentrates. Also, we invest time and love in the development of our new flavours. In doing so, our products rise above the competition in their quality and in their flavour. You can recognise first-class brand quality above all in the taste, then in the aroma, then for example the colour stability in the cup or the high quality of the ingredients. Naturally the Brix values should be above the minimum level for the durability of the weakest available slush ice machine (above 13%). With a Brix value which is too low the spirals can break or the motor can break down. So if you want your customers to come again and that your slush ice machine has a long life, then do not save on the quality of the concentrates you use and place your trust in us as a reputable specialist with the first-class SLUSHYBOY® brand-products “made in Germany”. By the way: due to our lean structure and the efficient way we do business without dealers, we can offer you top quality at a reasonable price. Compare closely and take note above all of the mixture ratios, Brix values and canister sizes. By the way, we only produce our delicious SLUSHYBOY® concentrates in Germany.

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Are there any hidden costs?

Apart from electricity and water there are no other additional costs to the expendable items. If required, you can receive telephone support from our Frozen-Line (tel.: +49 421 1651-2700). In unusual cases you can receive on-site support free of charge or a replacement machine if you have a rental agreement.

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What promotional items does SLUSHYBOY® offer me?

With every machine you will receive free promotional items which advertise you new SLUSHYBOY® frozen drinks. On offer are, for example, sunshades, yard-cups, customer stoppers, kiosk flags, posters, table cards, etc.

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How much money can I earn?

With minimal amount of work and a very small outlay for goods and materials you can achieve excellent margins. The average cost for goods and materials is between 13 and 26 cents per 0.2 litre portion. The retail price, depending on the location and the pricing structure, is between € 1 and € 1.50. Now compare that with the margins for impulse-bought ice-cream and work it out for yourself!

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How long are the delivery times?

All products (concentrates, accessories and machines), which are ordered before 12:00 on our Frozen-Line (tel.: +49 421 1651-2700), by Fax or e-mail arrive the same day. Our shipping company guarantees delivery within 48 hours, though in 80% of cases deliveries are made on the next working day. Saturday deliveries and delivery to islands is possible for an additional charge.

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How long does it take until the drink reaches the right consistency?

The length of the freezing process from liquid product to half-frozen ice drink depends on different factors: water temperature, air temperature, machine model (1 compressor per machine or 1 compressor per container?), size of container (8 or 12 litre capacity?), the level to which the ready frozen drinks are filled to in the container, etc. As a guideline, depending on the circumstances and the conditions, you can reckon with a freezing time of 1-2 hours.

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How long do SLUSHYBOY® concentrates keep for?

The FUN and Cocktail line products have a sell-by date of 2 years from date of production for unopened containers (6 litre canister or 1 litre bottle). The PREMUIM line products have a sell-by date of 18 months after production due to the high fruit content. 

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Can I also sell SLUSHYBOY® FROZEN DRINKS with alcohol?

Our SLUSHYBOY® concentrates can of course be used to make excellent frozen cocktails. According to taste, leave out a certain amount of the water and replace this with alcohol. This way you can make, for example, first-class frozen strawberry daiquiris, margaritas, pina coladas or other frozen cocktails. You can find recipe suggestions in the service point section.

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Is SLUSHYBOY® just simply a summer drink?

Definitely not! Decisive for good end-customer sales is high customer frequency. For example many customers in shopping centres have their best sales figures just before Christmas, as the visitor numbers are at their highest. SLUSHYBOY® frozen drinks are worth while due to the high profits all year round.

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How long does it take until I receive a machine and can start?

Contact us and we will undertake to do everything to allow you to have a quick start within 2 working days. Our contact information is:

Telephone: +49 421 1651-2700
Fax: +49 421 1651-2709

We look forward to hearing from you.

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