Delivery times and costs

Costs of delivery in Germany

Order value (net)
Freight charges (net) Freight charges (incl. tax)
from 0 EUR to 199,99 EUR (net) 8,90 EUR 10,59 EUR
from 200,00 EUR net (except machines, trolleys and flight cases) no freight charges no freight charges

1-2-bowl-machines, trolleys and flight cases

39,90 EUR 47,48 EUR
3-bowl-machines and soft-ice-cream machines 49,90 EUR 59,38 EUR

Delivery times in Germany

  • The normal delivery time is working 1-3 days after receipt of payment.
  • Approx. 80 % of our dispatches reach the recipient on the next working day.
  • Express delivery costs upon request: Tel.: +49(0)421-1651-2700 or by email:
  • All conditions named above relate to Germany, with the exception of the islands (it is essential to ask about tariffs for the islands before ordering).

Delivery on German islands

  • Unfortunately the carriers charge more for teliveries on islands than for usual deliveries on the mainland. Please order and wait for our new order confirmation including the additional shipping costs for islands.
  • Please do not pay before receiving the new order confirmation.

Ordering from abroad

  • Before purchase please enquire about our fair delivery costs (customers from foreign countries please ask for our fair shipping prices)
  • For trade within the EU we require the tax identification number of the purchaser (VAT-No.) and an "entry certificate" if the cusomer collects the goods in our warehouse.
  • We only deliver outside the EU by shipping company and upon receipt of the company letterhead.


  • All deliveries require free curb space. In the case that addition costs for transport to properties and buildings is incurred, then these are to be borne by the recipient. Restricted access and the possible extra time involved in the delivery must be borne by the purchaser.
  • For commercial customers: The recipient must satisfy himself upon delivery that there are no damages to transport. Should transport damages occur, then they should be reported to the carrier making the delivery. The carrier must then record the transport damages in the shipping documents. Subsequent complaints of damages during transport can unfortunately not be accepted.
Order value (gross)

Delivery costs (net)

from 0 EUR to 200,00 EUR

8,90 EUR

from 200,01 EUR to 500,00 EUR

14,80 EUR

from 500,01 EUR to 1.500,00 EUR

39,90 EUR

from 1.500,01 EUR to 3.000,00 EUR

49,90 EUR

from 3.000,01 EUR

freight costs

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