• Cup 200 ml, neutral
  • Cup 200 ml, neutral
  • Cup 200 ml, neutral
  • Cup 200 ml, neutral
  • Cup 200 ml, neutralCup 200 ml, neutralCup 200 ml, neutralCup 200 ml, neutral

Cup 200 ml, neutral

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2,50 €Content: 100 pcs. (0,03 € / pcs.) plus VAT plus shipping and handling
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Cup 200 ml, neutral

100 pieces per stack (3,000 per carton)
  • Cups 200 ml, transparent, without SLUSHYBOY®-print
  • Material: Polypropylen (PP)
  • Ø: 70,5 mm, height 96,6 mm
  • 100 cups in a stack
  • 30 stacks per carton

All prices of service packaging include the registration to a recycling system according to §7 (2) VerpackG (in Germany only).


Interesting facts about sustainabilty 


In food service, topics such as environmental protection, animal welfare and energy efficiency are important points for being future oriented and sustainable. Sustainability is not a trend, it is an attitude that spreads across the industry and creates new awareness and innovative solutions.


Recycling cycle plastic


A dual disposition system is in place in Germany since 1990, meaning for example that plastics such as our canisters, bottles, cups, straws, etc. are collected in yellow bags or tons before being recycled. Similar systems exist in every country of the European Union. Nearly all types of plastics can be recycled.


Offers for different purposes


You decide how you want to emphasize the sustainability of your company


Polypropylen (PP)

Polypropylene (PP) floats in water so it can be easily sorted by waste management companies who typically rely on float-sink tanks to separate polymers and to remove contaminants.


Polyethylenterephthalat (PET)

PET is widely recycled and can be sorted in waste management systems. It is food safe, provides excellent clarity and is crack resistant.


Recycled Polyethylene (rPET)

rPET stands for recycled PET. This precious foodgrade raw material is made from collected and used PET bottles and packagings.


Polylactic acid (PLA)

Plant-based polymers / bioplastics are plastics made from renewable feedstock. For example, corn is used to make PLA. PLA packaging is compostable in industrial composting facilities.



Paper cups offer many advantages. They are not only made from renewable materials (european production using wood from sustainable forest management), they are also recyclable and biodegradable. Paper cups can be printed and look much better than plastic cups. They are recognizable and are perceived as an eco-friendly alternative. They remain just as practical as a disposable solution and can be fitted without changing practices.



Reusable beakers and straws offer the ultimate eco friendly solution. Cleaning and reuse saves raw materials and energy. In certain circumstances, it is also cheaper to use reusable packaging than disposable cups.

If you want to be eco-friendly, prefer our dishwasher-safe reusable cups and straws or the popular Yard Cups, which are also often used multiple times (and are also very often good for extra sales through refill offers)


Cup 200 ml, neutral

SLUSHYBOY Original - Cherry - 6 litres

Syrup for slush drinks - 6 litre canister
33,00 € plus VAT plus shipping and handling Content: 6 Liter (5,50 € / Liter)
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Cup 200 ml, neutral

Spoon straws, assorted colours, 100 pieces per bag

Spoon straws (100 pieces per bag)
1,00 € plus VAT plus shipping and handling Content: 100 pcs. (0,01 € / pcs.)
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Cup 200 ml, neutral

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